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    A Personal Power Plant in Your Pocket

    Battery ResQ is a game-changer. There are some products that have the ability to change the world. Battery ResQ is one of them. Small, compact and purchased by over 2 million people, this small pocket-sized device is your own power plant.

    It’s the strongest jump starter on the market today.

    Never try turning your car over again as the gauges go nuts because there’s not enough power. I hate sitting there trying to get someone to come jumpstart my vehicle. That feeling of being completely helpless quickly sets in when you’re stuck in a car with a dead battery.

    Battery ResQ is even better than a wireless charger.

    How Does Battery ResQ Work?

    Battery ResQ brings the reality of a pocket-sized charger to life. You’ve never seen a jumper on the market this small – it doesn’t exist. This goes beyond the function of a normal vehicle health monitor that we often review.

    There’s no monitoring when your battery is completely dead.

    Battery ResQ may be small, but it’s also very powerful. This one simple device offers:

    • 12,000 mAh of car-jumping power
    • 6 months of holding a charge
    • Includes a small pack of jumper cables

    That’s impressive. Most cars have batteries that require less than 1,000 mAh. A lot of smaller vehicles have batteries with 550 mAh, so you’ll be able to jump start up to 20 vehicles on a single charge.

    And if that’s not enough, you’ll also have the comfort of knowing that in an emergency situation, the device also has a 3-mode LED flashlight built in.

    Look under the hood, find the problem, and go.

    It’s a patent-pending device.

    You’ll also receive all of the essentials:

    • Jumper cables
    • Home charger
    • Adapters
    • Carrying case

    You know those times when your phone dies or you have another USB-charging device that’s without power? There’s even an adapter that can hook up to Battery ResQ and charge all of your USB devices for you.

    Battery ResQ works on:

    • Cars
    • Motorcycles
    • Trucks
    • SUVSs
    • USB devices

    You’ll never be left stranded again. Attach the jumper cables to the battery, turn the key and your car will turn over.

    I recommend letting the vehicle run for 30 minutes or so before turning it off to properly allow the alternator to recharge the battery.

    Mechanics recommend this, too.

    Dangerous scenarios are avoided. You never have to face any of these challenges on your own again:

    1. Dead battery. Jump your car, motorcycle or truck anywhere. You never even have to make a call to a friend or tow truck. Battery ResQ is so small it can fit in your glove compartment and be used in these sticky situations.
    2. Dead phone. Never get stuck with a dead phone battery again. Bring Battery ResQ with you on a hike, camping or anywhere else, and you’ll be able to power up your phone to make an emergency call.
    3. Fixing a flat in the dark. Every year, someone is fixing a flat tire and gets hit by another vehicle. People drop screws and bolts and can’t find them to repair their vehicle. Battery ResQ’s flashlight shines light on the situation with three unique modes.

    Battery ResQ is the world’s most powerful power bank. It’s built-to-last, and it’s a sleek little device that really packs a lot of power into a small space.

    And it’s compatible with any USB device on the market.

    Calling Battery ResQ universal is an understatement. A lot of customers love this small device so much that they’ve purchased one for each member of the family.

    It really is the smallest jump starter on the market.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see a mechanic or tow truck pull out a Battery ResQ to help jump a person’s car. It’s a lot easier than jumping a car battery-to-battery, and it’s a lot smaller than the big, bulky jump starters that hit the market a few years ago.

    Battery ResQ has the power to jump start any battery you have,

    And when it comes time to charge it, you can plug it into your home’s electrical socket, charge and be confident that the unit will hold its charge for months.


    • Charges USB devices and acts as a power pack
    • Can jump up to 20 cars on a single charge
    • Easy to use and small enough to fit in your pocket


    • Battery begins depleting after a few months

    If you leave the unit for a few months after a charge, the battery level will deplete. You’ll need to recharge the unit every 3 – 4 months, for best results. I have had this happen with all of my portable jump starters, so it’s quite normal for the battery not to hold 100% of the charge.

    This is really the only complaint I have. I view this product very highly, and it makes good on all of its promises.

    I give Battery ResQ a 93% out of 100% rating.

    Sure, there are a few quirks and things I would change, but there’s nothing this powerful on the market. You can jumpstart up to 20 cars on a single charge – it’s really that powerful. You also get to charge some of your other devices, too.

    Battery ResQ does exactly what it says: jumpstarts your battery.

    You’ll never have to feel the helplessness sitting in a car that won’t start again.

    And if you buy 3, you’ll receive a 40% discount. It pays to buy multiple Battery ResQs because you’ll save so much money. They also make a great gift for anyone in your life who drivers a car, truck or motorcycle.

    You can also choose to buy two and save – 33%.

    If you don’t think that Battery ResQ is the best pocket-sized car jumper on the planet, there’s a 30-day money back guarantee. Return it, get your money back and walk away knowing that at least you gave Battery ResQ a try.

    But don’t even worry about that. I am confident that you’ll be blown away by Battery ResQ – millions of customers can’t be wrong.

    Click here to buy your own, pocket-sized power plant today.

    April 26, 2018


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