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Uberfix MD Features

  • Translates your check engine light to tell you what’s plaguing your automobile.
  • Reminds you when maintenance is needed. You’ll be alerted when you need an oil change, filter change or other maintenance is needed.

I hate when my check engine light pops up. I have a mechanic that I finally trust, but when I am driving far from home, I have to rely...

admin October 20, 2017 Uberfix MD Review Reviews

Find Problems With Your Vehicle Instantly With Dashboard Doc Check engine lights have you going crazy? I know the feeling. And newer vehicles are even worse with all of...



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Picture this: You’re driving down the highway, when all of a sudden your check engine light comes on. Your car had been driving a little funny, but nothing too out of the ordinary. In a panic, you pull over off the road and call a tow truck.

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