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How Uberfix MD Can Help You in the Winter Time

Winter is almost here. The cold weather is causing tire pressure systems to illuminate, and your vehicle’s heating system will work harder than it has for nine months. It’s the time of year when you want to have a car problem the least.

And if you want your vehicle to stay in tip-top condition, you need to act before the cold sets in.

Uberfix MD can help you prepare for winter time to ensure that you’re never broken down on the side of the road waiting for help again. If you haven’t used Uberfix MD yet, I urge you to read through our Uberfix MD test to better understand how this system works.

Assess Current Car Problem Severity

Cars, even the new ones, can have issues. We’ve all heard the squealing of belts from someone’s car that hasn’t been properly maintained. The loud squeal is not indicative of a well-maintained vehicle.

But the belt may still have an entire season before it fails.

Car problems can be urgent, or the problems may be able to be put off for quite some time. When you have an older vehicle that may need an array of repairs, it’s often a game of choosing which repairs to make first.

A faulty gas cap seems far less important to your vehicle’s safety than an engine backfiring.

Uberfix MD allows you to assess the current problems that your vehicle is facing and their severity. If your vehicle has an emergency repair that’s needed, Uberfix will alert you of this fact. It’s a simple and easy way to have an overview of your vehicle’s current health.

All you need to do is plug your Uberfix into the vehicle, and it will provide you with in-depth details about your vehicle. And an app is used to help you keep a watchful eye on your vehicle. You’ll be able to see:

  • Consequences of driving with current issues
  • Severity of the problems that your vehicle has today
  • Real-time statistics on the vehicle’s engine temperature, voltages and speed

With all of this information at your fingertips, you’ll be able to make repairs that will prepare your vehicle for the winter weather.

Analyze Check Engine Light Information

Check engine lights can keep a car owner up all night long. There’s nothing worse than going to shut your vehicle off and seeing an illuminated light. I might be paranoid, but I hate thinking that my vehicle might not start when I have to go to work or do something important.

Check engine lights are always a gamble; non-mechanics never know what these lights mean.

You need to hook your vehicle up to a computer that can read the error code. And even then, the error code will require you to know in-depth information about the code’s meaning. You’ll need to look the code up online or use a diagram from the car manufacturer to understand what the code means.

It’s a little more “tech savvy” than owners are able to comprehend on their own.

Uberfix MD takes this difficulty away. When you use Uberfix, think of it as going to the doctor and being diagnosed. You let Uberfix do its magic, and the rest is history. It’s as easy as that.

Your Uberfix will help you unmask the check engine light’s meaning, allowing you to see:

  • Insights into the error code
  • Reasons for the check engine light being on

And the check engine light will tell you exactly what needs to be done. If a bad oil pressure sensor is needed, the Uberfix will tell you this exactly. You can then choose to change the sensor out yourself, or you can bring the vehicle to a mechanic.

What’s really neat is that you can use this device to judge your mechanic’s honesty.

You can simply ask the mechanic to check the problem and see if they’re trying to take your money from you. A lot of mechanics will claim that the check engine light is more serious than it really is.

There are a lot of people scammed out of hundreds and even thousands of dollars because their mechanic didn’t truthfully tell them what was wrong with their vehicle. You’ll be able to use Uberfix MD to make the right repairs without any of the extra costs involved.

Maintain Proper Preventative Maintenance

Preventative car and maintenance extends your auto’s lifespan. If you’re not keeping up with maintenance and repairs, you’re causing unneeded wear and tear on your vehicle. I always recommend using the user’s manual to make sure that you have made all of the necessary maintenance services.

Winter weather puts undue strain on your vehicle if you live in an area that has cold temperatures.

And newer vehicles, like my 2015 Civic, don’t even provide a maintenance schedule in the manual. I have to wait until a light pops up on my dashboard monitor that tells me what type of maintenance needs to be performed.

It’s different than from all of the older vehicles I owned.

I would rather know what maintenance services I need ahead of time so that I can choose to have them done before they’re due. Uberfix MD provides you with:

  • Automatic maintenance reminders

Your Uberfix will tell you what maintenance is needed and when. These maintenance reminders allow you to never miss an oil change or critical maintenance procedure. You’ll know well in advance which maintenance you’ll need before winter.

It’s a reminder that every vehicle should have.

But Uberfix MD offers even more than what I listed. You’ll be able to use your device for:

  • Reports on fuel and oil consumptions. The reports tell you if your vehicle is running efficiently.
  • Logs on your vehicle’s history and problems. Logs can be used as a reference for past repairs that you’ve made.
  • Mileage alerts are provided for maintenance, too.

You’ll have a complete diagnostic of your vehicle’s operation at your fingertips with Uberfix. A simple and easy installation is all that’s needed to have a complete overview of your vehicle’s operation.

You’ll even be able to learn about bad habits that you, as a driver, can correct to reduce long-term wear on your vehicle.

November 30, 2017


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