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5 2019 Christmas Gifts for Car Lovers

Christmas is just four months away, and we’re starting to see a lot of retail outlets post articles on the top gifts to give this year. And we’re here to tell you about a few, exciting gift options for car lovers.

Some of the hottest items for car lovers this holiday season are:

1. Wireless Charging Mounts

People need their phones when they’re driving. You may not need to call someone or send a text message, but 70% of people use Google Maps as their go-to navigation system. If you’re in an accident or break down, you can pull on the side of the road to call for help.

Wireless charging mounts break through the limitations of cords .

The CircaCharge plugs into your car and offers you wireless charging so long as your phone has wireless charging functionality. It’s an amazing way to remove all of those pesky charging cords that seem to fall behind consoles or make your car look cluttered.

And when you get out of your car after a long drive, you can be confident that your phone will be 100% charged.

2. Backup Cameras

Backup cameras are all the rage, and I can tell you that after getting a vehicle with one of these cameras, I will never go back. It’s so much better to be able to see behind your vehicle when backing up.

I can easily back into parking spaces without going over the line now.

Before I got my camera, I never reversed into a parking spot because I was always afraid that I would hit another vehicle. Backup cameras are also much safer, and they’re now required by law in newer vehicles.

You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for one of these cameras either.

There are plenty of third-party cameras that can be installed on your own that are affordable and allow you to reverse like a professional.

You can find kits for $100 that will work just as well as a built-in camera, and cost far less, too. The great news is that the installation process is a breeze. If you have a car fanatic in your life, a backup camera will definitely be a gift that will leave them in shock.

3. Head-up Displays

Head-up displays are taking the automotive world by storm. VIZR is one that we have reviewed in the past, and it’s a wonderful device that helps to keep your eyes on the road at all times. These displays are somewhat transparent so that you always have your eyes on the road.

And while transparent, you’re able to view:

  • Speed
  • Traffic
  • Maps
  • Navigation

HUDs work on all cars and trucks, so everyone with a vehicle will be able to enjoy this gadget. HUDs were originally designed for military use, but they have since been scaled down so that they can be used by civilians. You’ll be able to have full visibility of the road while being able to view all of your phone’s important information.

You’ll be able to pick up calls and use other basic phone functions on a display that is transparent enough that you maintain full vision of the road.

It’s the perfect solution for a friend or family member who is always on the road and doesn’t pick up their phone due to safety reasons. Even when using a navigation app, the transparent display can make a world of difference and allow you to navigate around town safely.

HUDs are the wave of the future, but you can purchase one for your friend today.

4. Air Purifiers

If you’re like me, you love that the Tesla has a built-in air filtration system. These systems will keep all of the outside pollutants out of your car and also lead to the best air quality possible in your vehicle.

But this sounds like a crazy reason to buy a new car.

I mean I would love a vehicle with a built-in air purifier, but I would also love to not spend $40,000+ to enjoy clean air. The solution is simple: car air purifiers.

Most of these devices will sit right on the console between the driver and passenger seat, and they will strap down for safety. You’ll be plugging this device into the cigarette port or into the USB port, and then the device will work on cleaning and purifying the air around you.

If you or someone that drives along with you has asthma or trouble breathing, these air purifier systems can help make breathing far easier,

You also don’t have to worry when passing farms spraying harsh chemicals in the field. You also don’t have to worry about city pollutants or other harsh pollutants getting into your vehicle and making it difficult to breathe.

5. Steering Wheel Tables

My friends are always laughing at me because I will drive to a nice park and just sit in the car while listening to the birds outside. Going out for a long drive and parking somewhere is a guilty pleasure of mine.

But it’s also rather inconvenient when trying to get anything done.

I can’t type away on my laptop or eat comfortably in my vehicle. Someone created the steering wheel table that sits right under the steering wheel and allows you to work anywhere or get something down when you’re sitting waiting for the kids to get out of practice.

I use these tables when I go to the park and put my coffee and a nice book on them. I have also eaten my breakfast and lunch on the table. If you’d rather spend your lunch break outside than spend time in a stuffy warehouse, you can use the steering wheel table.

It’s the perfect option for anyone who wants to be able to eat in their car or work on their laptop.

You will not be able to use these tables while the vehicle is in motion. In fact, you’re likely going to crash if you try this, so always only use your steering wheel table when the vehicle is 100% immobile.

November 17, 2019


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