Car Kits

Haylo Flare

  • Runs for 36 hours on 3 AAA batteries
  • LED array can be seen up to a mile away at night

You’ve done everything right. You’ve maintained your vehicle. You’re a safe driver. You checked your blind spot mirrors. But, accidents still happen. There’s no amount of maintenance or preparation...

Roadside Hero

  • Solar charging provides peace of mind
  • Work light and high lumen beam for visibility in any situation

 Is This the Last Flashlight You’ll Ever Need? Do you have an emergency car kit? A lot of drivers forget just how important and life-saving these kits can be....


  • Patented pin helps break windshields in one hit
  • Offers impeccable charge and flashlight power

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What Makes InfinitiKloud So Unique?

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Picture this: You’re driving down the highway, when all of a sudden your check engine light comes on. Your car had been driving a little funny, but nothing too out of the ordinary. In a panic, you pull over off the road and call a tow truck.

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