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  • CircaCharge Review: Add Wireless Charging to Your Car in Seconds

    Tired of trying to find USB cords and wires to charge your devices while driving?

    So am I.

    I hate having to fight with wires that go right over my coffee cup in the console. Wires make your car look messy, too. And don’t get me started on dogs messing with your wires – it happens to me all the time.

    But I need my phone and other devices, so I am stuck.

    Until now.

    CircaCharge is a wireless car charger that removes all of these hectic wires.

    It’s the perfect solution to a growing device problem.

    What is Circacharge?

    A wireless charger. You don’t need wires to charge your devices anymore. This is different from the car health monitors that I normally focus on.

    How Does CircaCharge Work?

    Imagine a car without charging wires everywhere. I have been known to have charging wires for an iPhone, Android and sometimes an additional phone depending on who is in the car with me. It’s a real hassle.

    That’s why I decided to write this CircaCharge review.

    I wanted to see if there was a way to start eliminating some, if not all, of these wires so that I can have some freedom in my own car. It’s like my car was being overrun with wires crossing over everything.

    And I am happy to say that I have found the solution to my problem.

    CircaCharge offers three awesome features that can’t be ignored:

    • High-amp, fast-charging
    • Sleek design
    • 100% wireless operation

    And when I say that this device is small, I mean it. You’ll find that the CircaCharge has the following specs:

    • 80 x 70 x 165mm in size
    • 200g in weight

    It charges fast, and it has a black exterior which will fit right in mounted to your dashboard. If you don’t own a luxury vehicle, you don’t know that some of the luxury cars in 2018 already have wireless charging built-in.

    Well, now is your chance to spoil yourself with wireless charging.

    CircaCharge works on all new phones, including:

    • Apple
    • Samsung

    All you have to do is mount the CircaCharge to your dashboard. When your phone needs to be charged, drop it into the cradle and it will instantly charge. You will still have quick access to your phone while its charging.

    Frustrating wires are a thing of the past.

    This is the smart way to start charging all of your devices, and it works like a charm time and time again. You just need to make the plunge and give CircaCharge a try for yourself.

    What I really like is that all you have to do is put your phone into the CircaCharge cradle. You see, you need to put your phone somewhere. The cradle makes it easy to see and access your phone’s screen.

    It takes the frustration out of trying to remove your phone from a console.

    And since you’ll always want to place your phone on the cradle, you’ll always have a charged phone. It’s that simple.

    You’ll always be charged, and you will cut out all of those frayed, old wires that seemingly always get in the way. There’s no more frustration when you get in the car. It’s the wire-free way to keep all of your devices charged fully at all times.

    If you need your phone to run Fixd, Google Maps, music or anything else, you owe it to yourself to ensure that your device is always charged. Wireless charging makes this as simple and easy as possible.

    There’s a Lot to Like

    • Cradles the phone nicely and keeps the screen in view.
    • Phones are always 100% charged.
    • Offers high-amp, fast charging.
    • Easy-to-install and offers features only offered in premium vehicles.

    A Few Quirks

    • Only one device can be charged at one time

    I have a lot of devices, and while I have only one phone, every passenger in my vehicle always has a phone on them. This is a problem because only one phone can be put inside of the cradle at a time.

    So, you’ll need to have multiple CircaCharge devices to be able to charge all of your phones.

    It’s the only way to allow others to charge their device if your device is charging.

    But I do have something special for you.

    CircaCharge is offering steep discounts on their products. If you were to place your order today, you’ll receive 40% off one charger. But let’s say that you want to buy more than one charger, you’ll start to receive an even higher discount.

    You can buy three chargers at 50% off, or buy two for 45% off.

    It pays to buy multiple chargers at once if you plan on buying more in the future. I also want to tell you two main, important points of ordering today:

    1. Shipping is free. I am not sure how long this offer will last, but if you buy today, the manufacturer will cover all of the shipping costs for you.
    2. Lifetime Protection. A one-time offer, if you were to purchase CircaCharge today, you will receive a replacement warranty and lifetime protection. This is a warranty for the LIFE of the product, but it does cost an additional $45 dollars (well worth the cost in my opinion).

    Yes, you have to pay for the lifetime protection, but it’s worth the cost. You’ll be able to replace the unit if it breaks, and this means insurance for your investment.

    If I had to give this car charger a rating from 1 – 100, I would give it a 96% rating.

    You need to make sure that you have a phone that offers wireless charging. Most older phones don’t offer this neat feature, but the majority of newer phones do have wireless charging. If your phone is wireless charging enabled, you’ll be able to use this wireless charger with ease.

    CircaCharge is the perfect blend of functionality and features. It’s more than a charger: it holds your phone to allow for hands-free charging, function and even music or streaming access without getting in the way.

    Just plug in your charger, place your phone in the cradle and you’re good to go.

    Click here to upgrade your vehicle with wireless charging features today.


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