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    Why You Need to Read Our ClearView Review if You Drive at Night

    I don’t know if it’s just me or not, but I can’t seem to see the road as well as I used to at night. Perhaps it’s the blinding headlights that they’ve installed on all of the new vehicles.
    And it seems like the reflectors on the road, you know the ones that help you see the lane at night, are starting to be used less and less.

    I prefer driving during the day now because I can’t see clearly at night.

    The lack of proper vision, along with fatigue, has led to one startling statistic: 50% of motorist deaths occur at night. But only 25% of driving occurs at night, so this means that driving at night is much more dangerous than driving in the daytime.

    ClearView glasses can help.

    When wearing these glasses, you’ll benefit from:

    • Lightweight design that never irritates the ears
    • Anti-glare technology to keep those bright headlights from blinding you
    • Photochromic lenses
    • Polarization

    All you have to do is wear your ClearView glasses once, and you’ll never want to drive without them again – seriously, they improve night vision dramatically.

    ClearView Review: Why Everyone Should Be Wearing These Glasses

    Night vision issues are caused by a lack of light entering your eyes. And while this may seem obvious, what a lot of people don’t know is that a person that is 50 years old will need 50% more light than a person that is 30 years old.

    You need to be able to see properly, and age will change your ability to see properly at night.

    ClearView, much like NightGuide, aims to improve your vision at night, when it’s most dangerous to drive. Increasing your vision is done in a few ways:

    First, there are anti-blue ray layers coating the glasses. These layers will be responsible for blocking out blue light. If you’ve ever driven on the highway, chances are you’ve seen bright, blue lights beaming into your eyes and nearly blinding you.

    These blue lights are being installed in all modern vehicles, and personally, I think they’re extremely dangerous.

    But that’s not all.

    ClearView glasses are also polarized, and I didn’t know exactly what that meant until I dug deeper into the definition. What this means is that there’s a special coating on the glasses, and this coating will change the way that light is reflected into your eyes.

    In fact, your vision is cleared thanks to this polarization, which removes any of the unnecessary reflections and distractions when your eyes view bright lights.

    I also need to mention that these glasses will fit perfectly over your own prescription glasses. You can wear them on top of your glasses, enhancing your night vision, or you can wear them with your contacts.

    ClearView will not impact your prescription lenses at all.

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention one very important tidbit about these lenses. ClearView lenses use transition lenses. What this means is that the lenses will start to adapt to the light condition as it changes.

    Your lenses will never be too dark or not dark enough.

    The lenses will change their darkness depending on the conditions outside. When wearing your ClearView glasses, you’ll also benefit in a few other ways:

    • Your eyes will be less strained. A lot of people strain their eyes to see at night, and this straining can lead to headaches and migraines. If you’ve ever driven with a migraine before, you know the pure agony of someone’s headlights beaming through your windshield.
    • Clarity will be improved, too. You’ll be able to enhance your night vision, let more light into your eyes to see better and be able to see clearer. Overall, your vision will be improved when you drive, even if headlights aren’t glaring into your eyes.
    • Color is also slightly improved, allowing you to see vehicles and other objects with better overall clarity and vibrancy as a result.

    There’s a lot to love about ClearView’s glasses.

    You’ll find that even the first time wearing your new glasses, you’ll be able to see the road with much better clarity. There’s no reason to worry about having to adjust to new glasses. You also don’t have to worry about your new glasses causing you any form of discomfort.

    There’s not an adjustment period with ClearView, so you’ll be able to put them on and be able to see without any issues at all.

    It’s a simple way to drive safer and reduce your risk of accidents.

    Just like you should never ignore your check engine light, you should never ignore vision problems. A lack of good vision on the road can lead to a deadly accident – no one wants to suffer this fate.

    You owe it to yourself, and your family, to take a step to improve your night vision and not become another statistic while driving at night.


    • Affordable price and numerous discount options
    • Drastically reduces glare and increases depth perception
    • Fits well over prescription glasses


    • Yellow tint is not that stylish

    Almost all of the night vision glasses I’ve seen have some form of a yellow tint, but it’s not a color that everyone will appreciate. The yellow tint is dated, but it gets the job done and seems to be the industry standard.

    Besides this minor complaint, the ClearView glasses have a 95% rating because they work very well.

    And just for our readers, we’ve been able to secure a very nice deal. You’ll receive a 50% discount and FREE shipping.

    Buy more than one pair, and you’ll also receive additional discounts. This makes buying presents for Christmas or birthdays easy because you’ll continue to save money time and time again.

    That’s not all.

    Perhaps these glasses simply don’t meet your standards for some reason. I really don’t know why they wouldn’t, but let’s just say that they don’t. If you don’t love these glasses, return them for a 100% money back guarantee.

    Click here to order your pair of ClearView glasses with a 50% discount applied.

    You’ll never view night driving the same again.

    January 29, 2019


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