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    Estimates from 2015 suggest that 6.3 million fatal injury or property damage accidents occurred in the United States alone.

    That’s an eye-opening statistic.

    But cars are becoming safer. There are backup cameras, collision detection systems and air bags, among many other safety features, that can save your life. There are also tools that can help you if you get into an accident. One of those tools is CrashSafe.

    CrashSafe is a 6-in-1 tool that protects your loved ones when they’re in an accident. Carefully designed to handle the unexpected, CrashSafe is the first tool you need after an accident. A lot of buyers keep it right in their cigarette lighter, and I suggest you do the same.

    CrashSafe promises to:

    • Help you escape from a car whether it’s on fire or sinking
    • Help you alert other drivers for help
    • Keep your phone charged at all times so that you can call emergency services

    Imagine being able to escape a sinking vehicle because of one simple tool.

    CrashSafe Features and Specs

    CrashSafe is your go-to survival tool, and it’s a tool that protects you from the unexpected. When you have CrashSafe by your side, you have a tool that can do six distinct, life-saving functions:

    • Window Breaker.An emergency window breaker allows you to quickly break through a window. Breaking a car window in one hit with a patented metal pin can mean the difference between life and death. Whether your car is sinking in water, on fire or you’ve been in a bad car accident and are trapped, the window breaker can save your life.
    • Seatbelt Cutter.Seatbelts often malfunction following a crash, or someone in the vehicle is stuck in the seat unable to remove their seatbelt. Cutting the seatbelt is the only option, and it can be done in seconds with the emergency seatbelt cutter. It’s a fast and efficient way to cut a passenger or yourself out of a seatbelt restraint.
    • Emergency Beacon.If you crash into the woods or need to call for help, it’s difficult if you don’t have flares or an emergency beacon available. CrashSafe has a built-in emergency beacon that flashes a red emergency light to warn drivers of the crash or signal for help.
    • LED Flashlight.Shed some light on the situation with an ultra-bright LED flashlight. The flashlight offers a long-lasting LED bulb, so you never have to worry about your bulb dying out on you when you need it most.
    • Charger.Need a car charger? The CrashSafe can quickly charge your phone and all of your other devices thanks to the built-in USB port. If the device has USB charging capability, you can charge it – that’s a lifesaver.
    • Power Bank.A 2200mAh power bank is built into CrashSafe to allow you to charge your phone up to 100%. This backup battery can mean the difference between being able to call emergency responders or being stuck on the side of the road unable to call for help.

    How easy is it to be prepared? Super easy.

    I read a lot of CrashSafe reviews, and everyone agrees with me: it takes seconds to prepare for a potential accident. All you need to do is unbox your CrashSafe, plug the unit into your cigarette lighter port or comparable port, and you’re prepared.

    Even if you have no technical knowledge to help you along the way, CrashSafe will be there ready to help you.

    I know I was worried about the seatbelt cutter. You see, if the seatbelt cutter is sharp enough to cut through a seatbelt, what’s stopping it from cutting me? Well, I quickly learned that there’s a protective cover over the cutter that will stop the user from being cut.

    This means kids and adults can confidently use the cutter without fear of cutting themselves in the process.

    And I also did my own little test to find out that the flashlight lasts up to 4 hours. If you’re not finding help within four hours, that’s a major issue. The red flashing beacon will last for up to 10 hours on one charge – more than enough time to signal for help.

    CrashSafe can be left plugged into your cigarette outlet at all times. Keeping the unit plugged in means that it’s always in reach of the driver, and you never have to worry about it being dead when you need it most.

    When you open the box, you’ll find a manual, USB cable and the CrashSafe device.


    • Patented pin helps break windshields in one hit
    • Offers impeccable charge and flashlight power
    • Backed by a 60-day guarantee


    • Shipping isn’t free when ordering just one

    I really have nothing to complain about with this product, but I would like to see additional shipping options and free shipping for the single purchase. Aside from this one small complaint, I really have no issues.

    CrashSafe is such a good product, I have given it a rating of 94%. You won’t find many products with this level of craftsmanship. Every tool is strategic, and if an accident does occur or you just need to charge your phone, CrashSafe can help.

    I am excited to tell you that the more you buy, the better the deal will be.

    What do I mean by this?

    If you buy one device, the price is $49 – a steal by any means. But when you buy two, you’ll get one free. Buy three and you’ll get two free. Buy five, and you’ll get five free. You’ll also pay shipping and handling when you buy one, but when buying multiples, shipping is free in the United States.

    The company also accepts all major credit cards and PayPal.

    And if for some reason you’re not happy with CrashSafe, you have up to 60 days to return it for your money back. It’s a guarantee that if you don’t like the product, you don’t have to lose money on your purchase.

    So, what are you waiting for?

    Click here to order your own CrashSafe, 6-in-1 device today while supplies last.

    June 7, 2018


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