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  • Dashboard Doc Review 2021

    Find Problems With Your Vehicle Instantly With Dashboard Doc

    Check engine lights have you going crazy? I know the feeling. And newer vehicles are even worse with all of their alerts and lights. I especially hate the tire pressure light, which is fickle and always seems to pop up no matter what.

    But the one thing I hate more than that is a check engine light.


    I’m not a mechanic, so I don’t know when a mechanic is trying to take my money or there is a real problem. Dashboard Doc allows me to have some idea of what my vehicle’s lights are trying to tell me. I never have to be at the will of a mechanic that may be cheating me and making me pay for an unnecessary repair.

    Scams happen a lot.

    Dashboard Doc allows me to find and understand problems with my vehicle. I can go into a mechanic shop, know what’s wrong with the vehicle, and judge whether a repair is fair or a complete scam to try and get my money.

    Dashboard Doc Reviews Unmasked

    Reviews have left their comments about Dashboard Doc, and I have to admit I was a bit skeptical. A lot of people saved a ton of money. And you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone really complaining about the product.

    It works as advertised.

    You can install the unit in just minutes, and it will provide you with in-depth information on:

    • Problems. Check engine light problems are translated, you’ll never see an error number with no information, so you know exactly why your check engine light is on. Use this information to make the repair yourself or call a mechanic to help.
    • Severity. Is it really that urgent of a repair, or can it wait? Dashboard Doc will tell you the truth the first time with a severity indicator.
    • Reminders. Your own little car doctor will work over time once it’s installed to send you reminders for oil changes and maintenance.

    Never make an unneeded trip to the mechanic again.

    But there is a catch: The unit only works in cars built after 1996. Why? Your vehicle needs an OBD-II port for it to work properly. The good news is that all vehicles built after January 1, 1996 were required to have OBD-II systems installed.

    You just need to view the company’s diagram, find your port and plug the unit into your vehicle.

    The next step is to sync the unit up to your smartphone. A Dashboard Doc app is available on Android and iOS. Your unit will work every time you start your vehicle and be your little mechanic insider that keeps your vehicle running smoothly.

    You just sit back and relax.

    A complete list of features that are offered with Dashboard Doc include:

    • Reminders are sent to you for routine maintenance. This includes your basic maintenance needs, such as filter and oil changes.
    • Understanding of what check engine lights really mean with no cryptic codes included.
    • Mileage information is provided to tell you your mileage and also calculate your reminders.
    • Logs are kept to provide you with a detailed history of your check engine light codes.
    • Reports are also available for your fuel and oil consumption. You can use these reports to find issues with your vehicle and also provide them to a mechanic to better understand what’s going on internally.

    Your app acts as the control center for your Dashboard Doc. Real-time statistics will be provided as well as information on bad driving habits. If you had a lead foot and stomp on the gas like a zombie is chasing you at every turn, your app will pick it up and tell you to correct the issue. Sudden acceleration and breaking will cause long-term damage to your vehicle.

    With the cold winter weather ahead of us, it’s time to prepare your car for winter.

    Your little doctor will be able to help you diagnose and correct any issues with your vehicle before they become hefty repairs.

    Why I Like Dashboard Doc

    Dashboard Doc is simple, and this simplicity is why I recommend this model to my friends and family. Once you unpack your unit, you’ll be able to install it and sync it to your phone in minutes. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to install your Dashboard Doc.

    The company has everything laid out to be so easy to install that even a pre-teen would be able to start using this product today.

    I appreciate knowing:

    • The severity of my repairs
    • When repairs are really needed or can wait
    • What might happen if I don’t make repairs

    You know when this product is really beneficial? Inspection.

    I used to go to the inspection station, and they would always come out with some random repair. “Well, your vehicle needs a new air filter and carbon air filter.” But I just changed them, so I knew that wasn’t the issue.

    I can confidently go into any mechanic’s shop and know what work my vehicle needs.

    There are no surprises.

    And I also noticed that my vehicle runs a lot better, too. I am always up-to-date on my basic maintenance needs, and I am able to save a ton on gas, too. I found that even the smallest routine maintenance has a major impact on gas mileage.

    I get it all out of the way quickly, am able to save money on repairs I didn’t really need and also able to be confident that my vehicle will last a long time.

    If you’ve read my review of Fixd, you’ll quickly realize how similar this product is.

    And I can’t choose just one. Both of these products are a great pick, and that’s why I am going to rate Dashboard Doc a 96 out of 100 rating – it’s that good.

    Don’t wait before it’s too late.

    If you own a vehicle you plan to keep running for years to come, you need to stay a step ahead of major repairs. A majority of major repairs could be avoided if proper precautions were made.

    Dashboard Doc is your key to taking the proper precautions.

    Click here to claim your Dashboard Doc while supplies last.

    December 12, 2017


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