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The 15 Most Expensive Cars to Maintain

When most people think of high vehicle maintenance costs, they think of luxury, exotic cars. And there’s no question that it costs more to maintain a Ferrari than it does a Honda. But you might be surprised by how much some ordinary vehicles cost to maintain over ten years.

Here are the 15 most expensive cars to maintain.

1. Chrysler Sebring – $17,100

Chrysler brand vehicles have some of the highest average maintenance costs across the board. But the Sebring’s average maintenance cost stands out in their line-up. Over its first 10 years, owners can expect to pay $17,100 in maintenance costs.

The Sebring was one of the only affordable midsize cars that was available in both sedan and convertible. But the model was discontinued in 2010 in part because maintenance costs were so high.

In 2011, Chrysler made some major changes to the Sebring and renamed it the Chrysler 200.

2. BMW 328i – $15,600

The BMW 3-Series dates all the way back to the 1970s, and was referred to by Edmunds as “about as slam-dunk-wonderful a car as there is available.”

The 3-Series was BMW’s effort to replace its outdated 2002 Coupe.

The 328i of today maintains BMW’s tradition, but it’s an expensive model to maintain – $15,600 over 10 years. BMWs, as a whole, are the most expensive cars to repair in the entire industry.

3. Nissan Murano – $14,700

The Nissan Motor Company opened its doors in 1934, but the company established itself as a leader in the industry in the 1970s when drivers were looking for more fuel-efficient vehicles.

The Murano was launched in 2003, and it’s still one of Nissan’s best-selling vehicles. But it will cost you a pretty penny to maintain this vehicle: $14,700 over 10 years.

4. Mercedes-Benz E350 – $14,700

It’s not surprising that a Mercedez-Benz model would show up on a list of the most expensive vehicles to maintain. The brand’s E-Class vehicles have been the definition of midsize luxury vehicles since it was released in 1994.

The E350 is quiet, fuel-efficient and offers superior handling. But this model comes at a high maintenance cost of $14,700 over 10 years.

5. Chevrolet Cobalt – $14,500

The Chevy Cavalier was a mainstay in the compact car segment for more than two decades, but the brand replaced this model with the Cobalt in 2005.

Chevy designed the Cobalt to be more refined and luxurious than the Cavalier, but the maintenance costs are high: $14,500 over 10 years.

6. Dodge Grand Caravan – $14,500

The Dodge Caravan dates all the way back to 1983. The Grand Caravan, which had a longer wheelbase, was introduced just a few years later. In 2007, Dodge ditched the original Caravan, leaving only the Grand Caravan.

The iconic family van costs more than the average Dodge vehicle to maintain: $14,500 over 10 years.

7. Dodge Ram 1500 – $13,300

Dodge has been making trucks since 1917, but it didn’t introduce the Ram until 1981. In 1994, they introduced the 1500, a half-ton pickup.

Today, the Ram 1500 is still incredibly popular, but this vehicle comes at a higher maintenance cost. Most Dodge vehicles cost an average of $10,600 to maintain over 10 years, but the Ram 1500 costs $13,300.

8. Mazda 6 – $12,700

Introduced in 2003, the Mazda 6 is one of the best-selling midsize sedans on the market, but it’s also among the most expensive to maintain among Mazda vehicles at $12,700 over 10 years.

9. Subaru Forester – $12,200

The Subaru Forester was introduced in 1998, although the Subaru brand dates back to 1950. This compact SUV was built on the Impreza platform.

As a whole, Subaru’s cost $8,200 over 10 years to maintain, but the Forester stands out at $12,200 in maintenance costs.

10. Acura TL – $12,100

Founded in 1986, Acura has always been the luxury unit of the Honda brand. The TL was unveiled in 1995 as a front-wheel-drive luxury sedan to replace the Acura Vigor.

The TL was Acura’s best-selling model until 2007 when the MDX outsold it. Sales have declined over the years, but the TL was once the second best-selling luxury sedan in the U.S. behind the BMW 3 Series.

Acura’s aren’t cheap to maintain, but the TL costs $12,100 over 10 years.

11. Nissan Maxima – $12,000

The Maxima emerged in 1982 and quickly evolved into a luxury sedan. The Maxima has always been known for its technological innovations, and in 2016, Nissan rolled the eighth-generation Maxima off the assembly line.

On average, Nissans cost $7,600 to maintain over 10 years, but the Maxima costs nearly double that at $12,000.

12. Chrysler 300 – $12,000

The 300 has been the definition of the Chrysler brand since it was first released in 1955, known then as the Three Hundred. Some consider the 300 to the first muscle car, and it still stands as the brand’s flagship automobile.

The modern 300 first debuted as a concept car at the 2003 New York International Auto Show.

On average, Chryslers have a 10-year maintenance cost of $10,600, but the 300 is even pricier at $12,000.

13. Ford Mustang – $11,900

The public got a first glimpse at the iconic Ford Mustang at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York, and they immediately fell in love. Ford produced more than 400,000 Mustangs in the first year alone.

More than 10 million Mustangs have been produced in the U.S. since then.

Ford vehicles are expensive to maintain, with an average of $9,100 over 10 years. The Mustang is pricier at $11,900 over the same time period.

14. Audi A4 – $11,800

The Audi four-ring emblem is iconic, and the brand is renowned for its German engineering. The A4 was first introduced in 1994 and is now in its fifth generation.

All Audi vehicles are expensive to maintain, but the A4 sits up high on the list at $11,800 over 10 years.

15. Volkswagen Passat – $11,600

Volkswagen was founded in 1937, and was Germany’s version of the “people’s car.” VWs didn’t really gain much traction in the U.S. until 1959 with the introduction of the Beetle, which would become the best-selling import in the U.S.

The Passat was introduced in 1973 and is now in its eighth generation. While popular among car owners, this model still costs quite a bit to maintain at $11,600 over 10 years.

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