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    I hate when my check engine light pops up. I have a mechanic that I finally trust, but when I am driving far from home, I have to rely on the advice of others to repair my car. Sure, they know what they’re doing, but a lot of mechanics are dishonest.

    And since I am not “car savvy,” I can easily be taken advantage of by a mechanic.

    Uberfix MD works for people like me that want to know their car’s “health” at all times.

    Uberfix MD Review

    How Can Uberfix Save You Thousands of Dollars?

    Uberfix MD won’t make repairs for you. This isn’t some kind of pocket mechanic. But it is the next best thing: Uberfix MD is a car health monitor.

    And instead of making repairs that don’t need to be made, you’ll be confident on what repairs are actually necessary.

    Huffpost caught mechanics lying on camera; this can happen to you, too.

    You’ll save thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your auto ownership thanks to Uberfix MD. You never have to worry about a mechanic making you pay for costly repairs that are completely frivolous.

    How Does Uberfix MD Work?

    What I really like about Uberfix is that it’s so easy to use. It takes seconds to get up and running, and even someone with zero knowledge about cars can use Uberfix. It takes just three easy steps to get started using your device:

    • Plug it in. It takes seconds to plug the unit into your car port. The instructions explain exactly where the port is located on your vehicle. Your port is likely under the driver side dashboard.
    • Mini OBD II app. Download and install the Mini OBD II app on your smartphone. This app, don’t worry it’s free, needs to be synced up to your Uberfix MD.
    • Sit back and relax. Sit back and relax while Uberfix MD provides you with regular health updates for your car.

    It’s really that simple.

    And like the manufacturer states: don’t wait until it’s too late.

    What I like about Uberfix MD is that it’s straightforward. The device doesn’t just tell you to make a repair.

    Instead, you’ll know:

    • Repair severity
    • When immediate repairs are necessary
    • Consequences of not making the repair

    You’ll know that if you choose to continue driving while a bad gas cap is causing a check engine light, you’ll lose some gas mileage and will produce higher emissions.

    It’s like having a little mechanic on your shoulder telling you what needs to be repaired and when.

    Some repairs can wait; some repairs need to be done now.

    Uberfix MD Features

    What else can Uberfix MD do for you? This unit is feature-rich, and it does a lot more than just let you know when there is an imminent problem with your car. This unit also:


    • Translates your check engine light to tell you what’s plaguing your automobile.
    • Reminds you when maintenance is needed. You’ll be alerted when you need an oil change, filter change or other maintenance is needed.
    • Mileage is logged to allow you to know when the right maintenance is needed for your auto.
    • Timelines are kept to offer manufacturer-recommended maintenance.
    • History is kept to ensure you have in-depth logs of problems that Uberfix has found with your car.
    • Reports your oil and fuel consumption so that you know if your vehicle is running in tip-top shape.

    And all of this information is presented in the mobile app. You won’t have to be car savvy to read the app to understand what’s wrong with your car. The app provides everything you need to be able to diagnose your vehicle’s problems.

    Real-time statistics are available, too, including:

    • Engine temperature
    • Battery voltage
    • Current speed

    Even your driving habits are listed, so you’ll know if you accelerate or brake too hard. This information allows you to correct bad driving habits that can cause long-term damage to your vehicle.

    Note: Uberfix MD is compatible with vehicles manufactured after 1996. There are some exceptions, but if your vehicle has OBD II, it should be compatible with Uberfix.

    Uberfix MD will work with:

    • Gas-powered trucks
    • Gas-powered cars
    • Vehicles manufactured after 1996

    Diesel and electric vehicles can’t use Uberfix. Trucks over 14,500 pounds cannot use Uberfix MD.

    This is very similar to what we saw in our Fixd review.

    FAQs Before Buying

    I had a lot of questions when I first saw this item online, and I’ve found a lot of the questions I had answered on the company’s website. The top questions and answers include:

    • Will it work in my car? If it’s a regular, gas-powered vehicle built in 1996 or later, there’s a high chance that this item will work.
    • Do I need bluetooth? The app needs to sync to the Bluetooth functionality of Uberfix.
    • Will Bluetooth interfere with other devices I’m connected to? Smartphones can connect to multiple Bluetooth devices at once and communicate with them without an issue.
    • Can I use my Windows phone? The company has no plans to offer a Windows Phone app.
    • What type of warranty is offered? If you pay an additional 10% charge when ordering, the company will provide a lifetime protection warranty for your device. I recommend the warranty for peace of mind.

    Customer service is also very helpful, so feel free to ask them any questions you have before purchasing.

    If I had to rate this product, I would give it a 96% out of 100% rating. What I really like about Uberfix is that the product works as advertised.

    And if you buy multiple units, you’ll receive a steep discount.

    You can even leave it plugged into your car – it uses very little battery power. The only time you need to remove the unit is if you plan on leaving your car sitting for 3 weeks or more. In this case, you’ll want to remove Uberfix MD.

    It’s a great addition to anyone’s vehicle if they want to make sure that they know their car’s health at all times.

    Click here to order your Uberfix MD before it’s too late.

    October 20, 2017


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